HARP is committed to the community that we serve.

Haitian-American Reconstruction Partnership LLC (HARP) is a collaborative venture focused on building contemporary residential and commercial real estate properties in Haiti after the earthquake of 2010. We supply governments, municipalities, NGOs, private sector construction companies and individuals with superior-quality aggregate for concrete manufactured to the highest standards and offered at competitive prices.

Community economic benefits

HARP employs 30 local laborers, training young operators in contemporary building techniques. We have ushered in a more competitive pricing landscape, reducing aggregate prices between 30% to 50%. These savings are passed on to our clients which gives the community access to higher quality construction materials at an affordable price.

Community philanthropic activities

HARP consistently donates construction materials and services for local clinics, community centers, churches, cultural organizations and for infrastructure projects. We spearheaded Hurricane Sandy relief efforts in the area through the distribution of portable water, food, and shelter.  HARP also supports agricultural development programs that directly effect mango, sugarcane, and peanut farmers.

Community organizations we currently support:
• Klinik Lasante Leogane
• The Church of St. Rose
• Mango Growers Association of Léogâne
• Jean L. Dominique Agricultural Co-op, Marmelade

Cavaly Football Club
RaRa festival
Ayati Resurrect
Konbit Shelter